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Kinetic Wind Sculpture

Formed from stainless steel plate & bar this sculpture stands 10' tall x 4' wide at the top. The project took 2 1/2 months to complete including the base and

 marine grade powder coating.  

Isis Railing

This railing is 8 feet long x 42" high all made from 316 grade stainless steel round bar and pipe. The railing took 3.5 months to complete including the inlays. After welding and inlays the railing gets a marine grade powder coating.  

Odin Railing

This railing is 8 feet long x 42" high all made from 316 grade stainless steel round bar and pipe. The railing took 4 months to complete including the inlays. After welding and inlays the railing gets a marine grade powder coating.  

Geisha Railing

The Geisha railing is 76" long x 42" high with a 2ft radius platform under the stone. All materials are 316 stainless steel round bar, plate, and pipe. The railing was cut and fit around the balcony stone with an added trellis under the railing extending the balcony out 2 feet. The inlays are acrylic U.V. rated and the scrolls at the top were laser cut. Marine grade powder coating was done to protect against the salt air. 


We are currently making an oriental chandelier. All of the branches and flowers are made from stainless tubing and plate. The flowers and leafs were laser cut and bent to match the rendering. We are adding fiber optic lighting in the center of each flower with adjustable colors and brightness. The dragon that hangs above the flowers is completed. The chandelier will hang in the entryway of a home, centered on a dome with painted dragons and geisha girls. Estimated fabrication time on the chandelier is 4 months. Design and fabrication time on the dragon and rendering 30 days.   

Cat Railing

This railing is 18 feet long x 42" high all made from 316 grade stainless steel round bar and plate. The railing took 3 months to make including instillation. We added a marine grade powder coating. The railing weight 700 LBS and was installed in one piece. 

Sculptors - Private & Public Art

    Stainless Steel Joe designs and fabricates Public and private art sculptures for customers around the world. We specialize in one of a kind handmade metal sculptors using stainless steel and other metals. We can also make laser cut metal art pieces from your designs. Our inspiration comes from many places but mainly time at the beach, our customers, and many hours perfecting the skill of metal working.

     Joseph the owner of Stainless Steel Joe has a lifetime of metal working experience which started in, Vocational high school leading up to today. As our focus is on Metal art we like to incorporate other materials into our art work especially lighting and acrylics. We work closely with engineers, architects, designers, and homeowners on small and large projects. 

Artistic Metal Railings

     Last year we were blessed to begin a series of artistic railings all made by hand from stainless steel round bar. The railings bring the balconies to life adding shapes and colors not typically seen on homes in South Florida. 

Railing, Gates, & Walls, themed to your interests are rare making it the reason why we do it. We can add Metal Art Sculptors and unique metal fixtures to any area transforming typical spaces into something inspiring.

    Our themed railings are designed by, Christian Bernard who is a world famous artist with studios in Paris & Miami. Christian will design the railing based on your ideas making it custom from the beginning. We typically use 316 grade stainless steel round bar which is formed and shaped in our benders by hand. Metal Art railings can include, U.V. rated acrylic inlays, stone, glass, lighting, or just the design pattern created. 



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Kinetic Metal Art

Kinetic Tree Project: Having completed several metal art railings I must say that metal art is much more rewarding than regular fabrication. So far I have completed, the Cat…

About the Artist

Originally from Philadelphia P.A. moving to Pompano Beach, Florida in 1987, after spending two years in Frankfurt, Germany where I served in the U.S. Army, Air Defense Artillery…


These pictures show details on past and current projects. If you are interested in a project please contact us directly.  



  Stainless Steel Joe is a metal art fabrication shop in Pompano Beach Florida that makes unordinary metal art projects. I just completed this kinetic tree that will be powder coated then installed in the back of a beautiful home on the intercoastal in Boca Raton, Florida. The top and bottom sections are made from 316 stainless steel and the ends of the branches will have lights on them. The center holding the top portion mounts to a wheel hub allowing the top to spin. The skin of the tree is a stamped metal that looks like tree bark.  


Wind sculptures are great to make due to the movement in the sculpture. The tree trunk was the hardest to form using thick 16 gauge stamped stainless steel. On this project I wanted to form the trunk of the tree using flat metal instead of welding on curved strips of metal which is much easier. This is just one of a series of public art projects we are working on in the South Florida area.    


Stainless Steel Joe started a series of  artistic railings on a home in Boca Raton Florida last year. The Cat railing was the first of 12 railing all custom made by hand with acrylic inlays.